The “Current” theme features a cool Mocktail slider. This powerful slider module lets you choose up to Two images for a single slide and also add a third component of html markup. This flexibility provides you with a great control to customize and convey your message to the viewers.

Mocktail Slideshow features

  • Responsive slideshow. Re sizes as per the browser resolution.
  • Create unique multiple Slideshow instances.
  • Add/Remove or edit slides specific to each of the instance. All the instances are independent in settings and content from each other.
  • Drag and drop to usere the order of slides.
  • Select from among “slide”, “fade” or “mix” options for the appearance of slides.
  • Control the aspect ratio of the slideshow by specifying the height parameter.
  • Set up to Two images for each slide.
  • Add HTML markup in addition to the images for each slide

Unlimited Slideshows

Yes, unlimited slideshows. Create any number of the slideshow instances. Each with its own unique configuration and slides. There is no limit on the count of slideshows you can create. Given the cool features of the slideshow module, you can create different styles for each of the slideshow.

The multiple slideshows come in handy when you want to show a different slideshow on different pages.

Slideshow on inner pages

Yes, you can independently configure each Page, or Post to have its own slideshow or share a common slideshow. That is when the power of having multiple slideshows comes into use.