SEO optimized

The “Current” theme is fully SEO optimized. And how could I say so? The code is compact and have made proper use of headings. If you notice that each page’s title is rendered using H1 tag and the other heading tags h2-h6 have been appropriately assigned to the rendering of the content.

The loading of the scripts and css files is optimized based on the usage of respective modules and components on different pages. Example! If a page is not using a slideshow, the script for the slideshow is not loaded at all. Furthermore the code is clean xhtml/css and div based.

Compact code

If you notice that all the files of the theme simply compresses into an archive of less than 1mb, including all the graphics and images.  WHAT?  just 1mb?  What am I missing here?

Well! Less code, Compact code, minimum Redundancy and full optimization. Carefully coded to give you a lot more features and no nonsense.