Sitemap is a very useful feature. As evident from its name, it helps the visitors easily navigate through your website and find what they are looking for. To achieve this functionality on your WordPress website, “Current” theme provides you with a specific “Sitemap” page template. Assign this template to a page and save it. On re loading, you will see a new Metabox with the title “Sitemap settings” has appeared.

Yes, there is a metabox for sitemap too. After all, its all about flexibility, so how can any feature not come with Custom options.

Custom options for Sitemap

There may not be many, but very useful set of configuration parameters that you would love to have for setting up your sitemap.

  • Exclude pages. It lets you selectively exclude pages from the sitemap display. Secret Content? maybe!
  • Exclude categories. Yes, you can do that as well. Select the categories you want to exclude from the sitemap display and its done.
  • You can toggle the display for “Monthly archives”, “Site feeds” and “Tags”.
  • And when it comes down to the display of articles list. You can customize the list by toggling the display of the “date”, “Author” and “Comments” info