Portfolio page template

Portfolio or showcase is an important feature of the “Current” theme. Most of the times, your website may have a requirement for presenting your skills or services to the viewers in a visual form. The Portfolio feature is just the solution for that. If you are wondering. Yes! it is a multi-category sortable portfolio and it supports Videos too.

Why just one portfolio template?

Why not have more for different column layouts or different sidebar configurations? This single template is All  in One. Less code = more functionality = robustness. The simple interface lets you choose the number of columns, and like every page, you have a choice to configure sidebars for this page as well.

Next steps

Once you have assigned the Portfolio template to a page and saved it, a new MetaBox with the title “Portfolio settings” will appear somewhere below the Content edit box. This is where the magic starts.

Well! actually the magic started way back when you installed this theme on your website. Its time you take control and add some more fairy dust.

Big question! What can you do with the portfolio features.

Simple answer: Have fun. Lots and lots of fun ha.

Portfolio features

  • Specify a particular category of posts for this portfolio page.
  • It also lets you select multiple categories for simultaneous display on a single portfolio page.
  • And in case you are going to use multiple categories for this portfolio page, you can also opt to turn on sort by categories options on top of the portfolio page.
  • Choose the number of items to be displayed on one page.
  • It is as flexible as to let you select the number of Columns for display. 1 to 24, depending upon the presence of sidebars. Did I mention, it auto detects the sidebars assigned to the page and display the column options accordingly.
  • Choose to display the description along with the thumbnails. You can also choose the source of the description from the Actual Content and the Content excerpt.
  • Choose to toggle the display of the title. And opt to have the title link to the post or not.
  • If you want a link to the respective post on each portfolio item. You can display the read more button. Specify your own text or leave blank for not displaying the button.
  • Aspect ratio? Yes it is there, have the thumbnails display as a portrait or landscape or just go an extra mile into your creativity. Have it display as horizontal strips or vertical blinds.
  • And expect more. We are in a consistent production mode, developing and updating the theme with more features time and again.

All these configuration is specific to each page, so you can create multiple pages with different styles of portfolios or showcases.