Blog page template

The most important page template. After all WordPress is a Super blog platform. Once you have assigned the Blog template to a page and saved it, a new MetaBox with the title “Blog settings” will appear somewhere below the Content edit box.

What options does the Blog functionality offer in the “Current” theme. Its a roller coaster ride from here. ENJOY

The Blogging Features

The Blog settings metabox provides you with cool options to :

  • Specify a particular category of posts for this blog page.
  • If you are feeling greedy, it also lets you select multiple categories to form one blog.
  • And in case you are going to use multiple categories for this blog page, would you not like to have an option to turn on sort by categories options on top of the blog page? I knew it, so its there. Ha ha
  • Know what? it also lets you choose to display either the post content or the post’s excerpt in the blog view.
  • You can also specify your own pretty words for the “Read more” button that will appear on this blog page.
  • You do not like the read more button? well, leave the text blank and the button will never show up. But then where would you click to open the full post? Common, like you did not know that you can still click on the post thumbnail and the post title.

HOLD it. Catch your breath. Ok! Continue

  • If you want to lay ownership claim on the posts you write, you can turn on the “Show Author” option and your pretty name will appear beside the post’s content along with the post’s published date.
  • And not to forget, you can always toggle the display of “Categories”, “Tags” and “Comments” for your posts.
  • This feature, I just love this one. Aspect ratio. You have full control on the aspect ratio of the post thumbnails that display with each post (I mean, if there is any).
  • And I should mention. All these settings are specific to each blog page. That means, you can can create unlimited blog pages each with its own unique settings.
  • And if you still want more features for your blogging needs, whisper your wish at