Page templates

The Current theme by offers page templates for specific page functionality. When you create a new page in the WordPress dashboard, you have the option to specify a page template as per the functional requirement of the page.

How to use a page Template

So, here it is. Create a new page, and on the “Edit page” select the template from the “Template” dropdown in the “Page Attributes” metabox. This metabox usually sits on the right hand side of the Content edit box. Once you select the new template, quickly click on that blue “Update” button.

And for those who are still trying to get hang of the WordPress dashboard, MetaBox is anything that looks like a light grey box shape, with a smooth beveled looking bar on its top, on which the title is written and there is a small “downward” arrow on the extreme right. If you are still confused, try clicking on that bar and you will know how much fun it is to toggle on and off those little boxes. Just love the way it pushes down anything in its way when you toggle it open.

The Default {Page} Template

This is the default page template. When you create a new page in WordPress dashboard, this template is assigned to the page by default. You do not need any special skills to setup this template. Well, even if you had those special skills, what good would it be. This template has no complex parameters. Life is easier that you thought.