Fonts 800 plus

You have 800 plus options to apply fonts to your content including the style and weight options.

The “Current” theme uses Google web fonts library. And by the time of writing this article, the Google proudly shows 501 Font families in its library.

But, if you take into consideration, the available, weight and style options i.e., bold, book, extra bold, italic kind of options available for each font family, the list easily surpasses 800 plus.

And that is what we have implemented in our theme. All the font styling options along with the families. So, you have all the power in your hands. Just select the item from the drop down and that’s it.

Individual font settings for elements

Yes, you can apply different font settings to “General text”, “Main menu” and “Headings”.

You can also play with the font-size options, line-height as well text transform for the above elements.

Support for different scripts

It is there. The fonts library contains fonts to support the following scripts in addition to the usual Latin one.

  • Cyrillic
  • Greek
  • Khmer
  • Vietnamese