Yes, you heard it right. Featured Post Video.

You might aware that the WordPress has a built in feature to support “Featured Post Thumbnail” or a featured image for a post. We, in our “Current” theme, complemented it with a “Featured Video”.

Each Post and Page can have a specific featured video

A very cool looking metabox with the title “Featured Video” sits besides the Content edit box of the Pages and Posts, where you can specify a Vimeo or Youtube video. Optionally specify the dimensions or simply provide the Aspect ratio, if you want a different one from the regular 1.775

Application of Featured Video

The Featured Video for posts and pages provide the same functionality as the “Featured image” feature does, just except that it is videos we are talking about over here.

A post having specified a featured image displays the image when opened up in single post view. A page having a featured image specified displays the image on top of the page.

Same way, Featured video lets you display a Video on top of the post or a Page. See the video above this post.

Videos for Portfolio

The posts when shown in the Portfolio page utilize this “Featured video” feature to display the video elements. When used for video portfolio, you can also specify quicktime and flash videos in addition to the youtube and vimeo as the lightbox display support these kind of files when opened from the portfolio page.