As important as the sidebars are for a website, we have implemented with the same level of dedication. The feature lets you create your own sidebars. As many as you want, as many as you need and also more if you want some spare ones. The bottom-line is that you can create Countless sidebars in the “Current” theme.

Unlimited sidebars

From a very cool theme options interface, you can simply specify a unique name and create new sidebars. You can select or even multiple select the sidebars and hit delete to simply remove them, if you face any issues with the redundancy. So, you have a very user friendly interface to Add/Remove the sidebar instances.

Selectively display sidebars on each of the pages

You can have a sidebar on either side of the page. Each page lets you specify the sidebar (out of many you created) to be displayed on that particular page. You can specify a sidebar on either side of the page.

Upto 2 sidebars on a page

Yes, you can have sidebars on both sides of the page. You can select different instances for the left and right. Or if you are feeling funny, you can also display the same sidebar instance on both the sides.